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Surf Fishing For Corbina
11-26-2005, 11:03 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Surf Fishing For Corbina

Surf Fishing for Corbina
By Anthony Acevedo

<font size="2"><b><p>On a cool overcast morning you make your way down to the beach and watch the crashing surf. As the water recedes you see corbina feeding with their backs exposed. At the first glimpse of you, they dart back into the white water. Catching these magnificent fish can be difficult at times, but with the right techniques, you can catch them all summer long.</p><p><strong>Tackle</strong></p><blockquote><p>Having the right tackle can be the difference between getting skunked and catching fish all day long.</p><p>Rods: I prefer rods from 6ft7inches-8ft long. They should be light-medium action for the right sensitivity, casting, and fighting the fish.</p><p>Reels: Any small spinning reel with a smooth drag should be fine. However, I like the 500 &amp; 1000 Shimano reels.</p><p>Line: Your reel should be spooled with 4-6 pound line.</p><p>Weight: Normally use a &frac14; ounce egg sinker, but in heavy surf, use a &frac12; or &frac34; pounce sinker.</p><p>Bead &amp; Swivel: Put on a size 6mm red bead, then tie on a size 14 black barrel swivel to the main line.</p><p>Leader: Fluorocarbon leader from 18&quot; - 26&quot;</p><p>Hooks: Size 8 or 10 Octopus hook. I personally use a Tiemco Caddis hook, model TMC2457 size 12, and a Mustad Caddis hook, model 37160 size 10 or 12.</p></blockquote><p><strong>Bait</strong></p><blockquote><p>In the summer sandcrabs are found all up and down the beach in the sand at the edge of the water. The most crabs like to live near piers or rocks. As the surf comes on to the beach, Corbina swim up onto beach with the white water. Here they suck up crabs from the sand and then swim back down in to the surf with the receding wave. The best bait for Corbina are these sand crabs. However, some are better than others.</p><p>Soft shell crabs are sand crabs that have recently molted. These crabs are light in color and are soft. A soft shell crab presented in front of a feeding Corbina will usually get a bite.</p><p>The next best sand crabs are small hard shells about the size of a dime with orange roe on the under side of them.</p><p>Plain hard shells are not as good unless they are the only ones available at the beach. Hook them under the belly near the tail for best results. Change the crab when it dies or does not draw a bite.</p></blockquote><p><strong>Time and Location</strong></p><blockquote><p>The best time to catch Corbina in the surf is from June to September. Beaches with flats, holes, or piers, will hold the most fish. My favorite time to fish for Corbina is on incoming tides on overcast days. Usually, Corbina also bite very well at a gray light, which is right before the sun rises. As long is there is some current, Corbina will be biting somewhere along the beach.</p><p>There are three zones where Corbina will feed. The first is from the sand to 1 foot of water. The second is the shallow area, which is around the white water. Third, is the deep zone is where your baits hits the water when you cast as far as possible.</p></blockquote><p><strong>Technique</strong></p><blockquote><p>The basic retrieve is to cast your line out and slowly wind in your bait with the surf. Between wave sets your bait may stay in one spot. Keep your bait there until the next wave pushes your bait in as you wind. It is important to finish your retrieve when your bait is on the sand. A Corbina may eat your bait right at your feet.</p><p>Fishing in less than a foot of water is for when you spot a feeding Corbina. Stand or crouch back where the high tide line is and cast your bait in 1 foot or less of water where you saw a Corbina feed. On the next wave, the fish will feed on the beach again and your bait will be right there. Some of my biggest Corbina have come by this technique. Lastly, it is very important to walk the beach casting until you catch fish. Corbina are excellent fighters, so keep a light drag and do not grab the fish until it is completely on the sand.</p></blockquote><p>Surf fishing for Corbina requires little in the way of tackle and can be very rewarding. Remember to catch and release so others may experience these magnificent fish.</p><p></p><p>For more information on fishing for corbina, please visit <a href="http://www.hookupsportfishing.com/">http://www.hookupsportfishing.com</a></p></b></font>

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